Friday, April 24, 2009

Protect Your Vag and Your Modesty

Are you as sick of the word vajayjay, as I am?

Seriously, people. Vulva. Vagina. Labia. Clitoris. Get used to it.

Apparently, the creators of the new Va j-j visor (I kid you not) didn't receive the memo about the annoyance of this Oprah-coined term that allows you to talk about uh, you know, down there without ruffling your lady feathers.

According to Va j-j Visor H.Q., this totally useful-looking and not at all ridiculous piece of plastic is designed to protect your poontang during such pain-inducing procedures as waxing, shaving and pubic hair tinting.


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we are not alone. said...

actually, the term was first uttered by the sassy doctor on Grey's Anatomy in the episode when she is havin' a baby. Interesting post!