Monday, November 23, 2009

If it Ain't Steamy, It ain't Sexy

Ok, folks, here it is: as promised, two more work related vids in honour of our upcoming issue. And, I must say, after a very limited amount of research, I am completely convinced of America's fetishization of blue collar work-particularly that of welders and steel factory workers.

Think what you will about this trend, according to the evidence, there's something downright naughty about people sweating and panting and working with their hands.

First up we have the iconic video for "Maniac," one of the main theme songs of everyone's favourite stripper with a heart of gold movie, Flashdance. Welder by day, sexy dancer by night, Alex Owen's lifelong dream is to become a professional dancer, and I'm pretty sure everyone else's lifelong wet dream is to get closer to those maniac thighs so prominently displayed in the video.

Next up, we have, of course, Madonna. Never one to let a ripply man waste away on the sidelines of life when he could be her lover/top/1920s, Metropolis-industrialization fantasy, she takes this video's sad, sexy steel worker and turns him into the Jesus Luz of the late 80s.

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