Saturday, November 21, 2009

Work It-The Lickety Blog Challenge!

In honour of Lickety Split's freshly released call for submissions--and in anticipation of receiving all of your naughtiest work related musings--over the next month and a half I'm going to be posting as many work related music videos as I possibly can.

It's gonna be tough folks. I'm probably gonna sweat and it might get a little grimy. My partner will complain that I need to stop watching youtube and take a shower but, deep down, I know the sweet sweet satisfaction of a job well done will keep me going. Wanna help a girl out? Holla any suggestions to!

To kick things off, let's recite the immortal words of Missy Elliot:

Girl, girl, get that cash
If it's 9 to 5 or shakin' yo ass
Ain't no shame, ladies do your thang
Just make sure you ahead of the game

Bonus: Ciara's Work, featuring Missy Elliot.

Gettin' down at the construction site, checkin' out the hot ladies in their hard hats, oh yeah.

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