Friday, November 10, 2006


Gifts seem to pouring in in all these fascinating packages and ways! One of the most holiday-like joys of indie culture is that people put their heart and soul into something as simple as a letter.

Jay Morrit played drums with us a coupla times at our practice space. After he saw my short video "Lyric for Our Home Song (video sketch)" at the Super Reel Dames Festival, he went away and mailed a CD of his music to me. Inside the paper casing with what looks like a charcoal rubbing of his likeness on the cover, are dried leaves and bits of paper with seemingly disjointed words and phrases on them, sort of littered. The songs themselves are beautiful and folky and this was such a joy to receive! The image pictured here is a still from the Super 8 film I made called "Lyric for Our Home Song".

In additon my partner came back from Xalapa, Mexico with all sorts of cool stuff: a poster of Frida Kahlo from the poster festival, a Day of The Dead mask (as it was the Day Of The Dead fest down there the same time as the film festival), feather earrings, a handmade smock shirt as well as bottles of booze!

Submissions for the The Daughters of Joy! Film and Video Festival are trickling in and I'm so happy! So special to have people share their work and want to take part of your initiative.

People are ordering the zines from all over the world, using or mailing me their requests with thoughtful drawings worked into the letter.

If you'd like to mail in a submission for Lickety Split or the film festival, or just want to share your own erotic zines and mail art, I would LOVE to receive them at:
Lickety Split
P.O. Box 1783, Station H
Montreal, QC
H3G 2N6

Thanks, and so much love right back atcha!


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