Tuesday, July 31, 2007

lickety split oddcast no. 0

Recorded music is static. It is recorded and there it is, as it is. And how it always will be.

It is completely insulated. And though we can reach at it, we will never penetrate into that terrifyingly perfect world of the song.

This is why some people are vinyl junkies: they’re addicted to the random pops. This way each time is different. This way each time is the only time.

And this is why the oddcast is so busy: it’s an attempt to lift music from the precious and perfect and wholly unattainable, and back into the familiar world of beautiful imperfect uniqueness. Mud on the ponies. Work in those sneakers.

We may all hear these sounds again, but never in the same way. And then again, because the oddcast too is a recording, it will always be the same. With electric music, there is no "live." And that perhaps is the point most easy to recognize and most difficult to articulate.

So investigate these tunes like real-world sensations: appearing suddenly, surprisingly, unexplained: unexplainable: sometimes obvious and sometimes murky but always thick and heavy with the lusty deep breathing of a thing alive. If only for a moment.


Lickety Split for your Ears
No. 0

download SIDE A
download SIDE B

Aphex Twin
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Boris (sometimes with The Sun)
CPC Gangbangs
Et Sans
Lubos Fiser’s soundtrack to “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”
Diamanda Galas
Space Machine II
Toshiya Tsunoda



alexmegelas said...

sweet mix!

Jamie said...

At 1:30 left, I began to love (side A), although the quality needs a notch or two upwards.