Thursday, July 03, 2008

Chatter: Public Transport Confidential

On Audio Smut yesterday I was chatting with my co-host Sarah about reading on the metro and city bus and about how I've been hiding my book covers lately. I feel kind of sheepish and almost like a bad sex-positive activist, as often the literature is related to sex in one way or another. But as much as I want to spread the good vibe and progressive titles to others, I'm becoming much more low-key and I've realized it's more of a need for privacy than anything else (as opposed to shame, embarrassment, or other feelings one might assume could be linked to reading about, say, sexuality in the school system or female ejaculation). It's a bit of change for me from the super-extroverted, missionary-like zeal I had a few years ago. Nowadays I'm all about addressing things in ways and moments that feel appropriate for me. So yeah. No one probably even cares about what I'm reading when I'm sitting on the bus, but just in case they might, I'd rather keep it to myself.

Just thought I'd share. Thoughts? Am I going soft?

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