Thursday, July 24, 2008

“I Kissed a Girl”

Katy Perry

I was in a local video store recently trying to choose between Blade or Frankenstein when I heard this cheesy song called "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry playing on the sound system. I remember thinking, "who is this person and who is she targeting"? and then immediately started imagining queer DJs re appropriating the lyrics, mashing them up with some real sexy beats.
Anyway, Mr. Mike found this article written by Tony Sclafani on NBC's site entitled "Katy Perry and the media's 'Kiss' of Hypocrisy: The Popularity of Two Gay-Unfriendly Songs is a Disappointment".

An excerpt:
"Well, it’s official. It’s cool to make fun of gay people again.

How do we know? Because the folks in Medialand told us as much by relentlessly cheerleading two gay-unfriendly songs by newcomer Katy Perry: “Ur So Gay” and “I Kissed a Girl.” The first derides an emo guy with a barrage of gay stereotypes that were cliché even in Boy George’s heyday. The second addresses same-sex kissing (and, by extension, bisexuality) by putting forth the judgment that such a smooch is “not what, good girls do… not how they should behave.”"

Read the rest here.

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Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

gah - this song is so incredibly lame, cashing in on the homophilia of homophobes.