Saturday, July 26, 2008

lickety split in your ears

oddcast 7b
reggae sex tape

i'm going through a bit of a dry spell and its leaking into my dreams. i rarely remember my dreams, but i woke up all vexed one day with the faint memory of an erotic reggae + bob pillow + kompact land. this is maybe what it felt like. it's close, but i don't remember exactly.

lickety split oddcast
numbah sever side bee


or right-click-download-to-disk ("save link as..") at

or subcribe at indyish(they are so awesome)

or for a CDR of the whole oddcast back catalogue send a SASE and $2 to

"Lickety Split In Yr Ears
ATTN: nick cabelli
P.O. Box 1783, Station H
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2N6"

(please don't do that. they're ALL online for free.)

okay thanks

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Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

sweetness! very summer-at-the-beach/haunted-house...