Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weekly Quote: rock, sex and ladies

So, in the same attitude as K$'s Weekly Videos , we're gonna start up a weekly quotes section. You know, stuff you don't want to keep to yourself (as opposed to the stuff you want to keep private- see my post from last week). The excerpts are food for thought and not meant to express the opinion of Lickety Split. That said, as a member of the lady-fronted rock band Nightwood, I am interested in the following on a personal level:

"I remember seeing the Clash when I was eighteen and coming out of the show bouyant and huge, wanting to jump and lunge and keen at the moon and fuck until the sun came up. Feeling rich and strong and full of myself. A joy of loud driving chaotic music is part of me, part of my sexuality, and no one can theorize that away."

- Terri Sutton, "Women, Sex and Rock 'n' Roll", Puncture, summer 1989 + found in the book Rock She Wrote

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