Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Highly Fuckable?

These two young foxes were so pumped about getting nominated for the Highly Fuckables List that they collaged some photos to entice people to vote for them. It worked! Do you know anyone you wanna nominate? Yourself maybe? It's okay. Do it. We won't tell anyone.

So, once again, let's make a big list of names of those you desire/respect/admire so that they can be included in the next issue of Lickety Split smut zine (coming out Nov. 21st - save the date!)

So, these get PUBLISHED. So you gotta really want it, you know? Like you really gotta mean this naming of names, this big-upping of loves/friends/lovers. Once again, it's totally secret. So. Let's start! Send suggestions to "k AT licketysplitzine DOT com".

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