Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sock Puppet Party!

It's a Sock Puppet Party!

Basically, people come with sock puppets that they made, and the sock puppets are allowed to say the things that the people don't normally say. Essentially, it's an id on your arm.

And everyone, to come in, has to agree to this, that some sock puppet might say something outlandish to them. However, people will have their own sock puppets that can say something equally outlandish in response.

Later on in the evening, when peoples' sock puppets are good and drunk, there will be a sock puppet Speech Session, whereby people will bring their sock puppets up on stage to the microphone, and the sock puppets are allowed to sound off on whatever they want to talk about.

Le Cagibi (the backroom)
5490 Boul. St-Laurent
Sunday, October 12, 2008
9 PM onwards.
$3 at the door.

WARNING: No one will be allowed in unless accompanied by a sock puppet. A sock puppet is essential. Even if it's a simple one - like, a sports sock with two black-marker X's for eyes.

Additionally, if you have any spare socks that have no partner (due to laundry tragedies), please bring them so that sock-less participants can benefit.

By Perpetual Emotion Machine Productions

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