Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What's a magazine worth?


Our friend Serah, the editor of Worn Fashion Journal, e-mailed this article out to us earlier this year and I thought i'd share it on the bog to help expose the challenges magazines and zines face: What's a magazine worth? A little or a lot, depending on your perspective.

"This blog post is really important to the growth of Worn, and we as a publication are struggling with these issues constantly. Also an important issue not mentioned in this post is the impact of advertisers on content, especially in woman's magazines. As a fashion publication we are expected to bend to the demands of advertisers and be rewarded financially for it. Grants are virtually non-existent to us because of the stigma of our topic and we are one of the only publications in the country being funded over 90% by our readers."

Worn faces many of the same funding challenges that Lickety Split does, often based on the content of our mags: fashion and sex. Many institutions refuse to support art that address these issues.

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