Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekly Quote: Metal Women

The current issue of Bitch Magazine is "The Loud Issue" and they have a lovely article by one Jenny Rose Ryan entitled "Horning In: The Case for Feminist Metal". Here is an interesting quote about one of my own heroines:

"With all the pressure to be strong, masculine and brutal, female metal musicians sometimes demonize feminism in the way other women who've bought into the binary do, too. Patti Smith, fans will recall, let fly in her early days with some real doozies about rock being the province of dudes ("Real rock and roll is a man's job. I want to see a man up there. I want to see a man's muscles, a man's veins. I don't want to see no chick's tit banging against a bass."). We may want women in Gossow's position to speak up for feminism, just as we want other strong, accomplished, confident women in music, politics, pop culture, and beyond to do. But, as with Smith, it doesn't necessarily stop women (or men) from admiring, respecting, and emulating her if she doesn't."

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