Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekly Quote: Pink Elephants & Arousal as Truth

" What I perceived was the Pink Elephant of the pornography discussion: what turns you on might not match your artistic values, your romantic choices in real life, your political views, but it is just as much a part of you, just as real and substantial, as any other aspect. It's not a defect or a weakness, it's your intuitive ability to take all that's unbearable and crazy and unspeakable about life and turn it into juice- eroticism. Don't you dare go around with your nose in the air pretending that anybody's fantasies are low-class or despicable, because without that juice you wouldn't be alive, wouldn't be able to discriminate; you'd be a stranger both to your capacities and your limits."

- Susie Bright, from her 1997 book The Sexual State of the Union, from the chapter entitled Aroused

Saturday, July 26, 2008

lickety split in your ears

oddcast 7b
reggae sex tape

i'm going through a bit of a dry spell and its leaking into my dreams. i rarely remember my dreams, but i woke up all vexed one day with the faint memory of an erotic reggae + bob pillow + kompact land. this is maybe what it felt like. it's close, but i don't remember exactly.

lickety split oddcast
numbah sever side bee


or right-click-download-to-disk ("save link as..") at http://www.licketysplitzine.com/oddcasts/lcktsplt_ddcst07_sideB.mp3

or subcribe at indyish(they are so awesome)

or for a CDR of the whole oddcast back catalogue send a SASE and $2 to

"Lickety Split In Yr Ears
ATTN: nick cabelli
P.O. Box 1783, Station H
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2N6"

(please don't do that. they're ALL online for free.)

okay thanks

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Video -- Sexual Healing!

What in the disco Motown?? Who's decision was it to water down this iconic beacon of musical lust, transforming it into the audio-visual equivalent of chicken soup for the sexual soul? Watch Marvin Gaye create the perfect naughty doctor-patient scenario, only to end it with a chaste kiss and an awkward hug.

It just goes to show that it takes more than a sultry song to make a smutty music video.

Tsk. Tsk, I say!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

“I Kissed a Girl”

Katy Perry

I was in a local video store recently trying to choose between Blade or Frankenstein when I heard this cheesy song called "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry playing on the sound system. I remember thinking, "who is this person and who is she targeting"? and then immediately started imagining queer DJs re appropriating the lyrics, mashing them up with some real sexy beats.
Anyway, Mr. Mike found this article written by Tony Sclafani on NBC's site entitled "Katy Perry and the media's 'Kiss' of Hypocrisy: The Popularity of Two Gay-Unfriendly Songs is a Disappointment".

An excerpt:
"Well, it’s official. It’s cool to make fun of gay people again.

How do we know? Because the folks in Medialand told us as much by relentlessly cheerleading two gay-unfriendly songs by newcomer Katy Perry: “Ur So Gay” and “I Kissed a Girl.” The first derides an emo guy with a barrage of gay stereotypes that were cliché even in Boy George’s heyday. The second addresses same-sex kissing (and, by extension, bisexuality) by putting forth the judgment that such a smooch is “not what, good girls do… not how they should behave.”"

Read the rest here.


The 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy presents:



Film and Facilitated Discussion
Thursday July 24th, 7 P.M
De Seve Cinema (McConnell library building)
local LB-125, 1400 de Maisonneuve W.
Concordia University

In response to the Conservative government's planned bill C-484
("Unborn Victims of Crime Act"), which passed Second Reading in
Parliament on March 5th,the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy will
screen the film, "Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair".

"Democracy on Trial" documents Dr Henry Morgentaler's defiance of
Canadian abortion law and the civil rights battle waged in Qu=E9bec and
federal courts between 1970 and 1976. The film screening will be
followed by a discussion about the threat to reproductive rights posed
by bill C-484, which could amend the Criminal Code to allow separate
homicide charges to be laid in the death of a fetus when a pregnant
woman is attacked, in effect granting the fetus a degree of personhood
or rights as a citizen. If passed, this bill could be a key step
towards re-criminalizing abortion.

When the fetus is granted rights as a citizen, how are defenses and
notions of civil rights--especially in the context of reproductive
politics--affected, or co-opted? Who is prioritized in the eyes of the
law? And how might this be challenged?

This film and facilitated discussion are the first installment in a
series of events presented by the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy in
response to bill C-484.

***This event is wheelchair accessible***

For more information call 514-848-2424 x 7431
or e-mail:outreach@centre2110.org

2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy
2110 Mackay (metro Guy-Concordia)
tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 7431

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Montreal Coalition Presents and Alternative Pride.

As police crack down on street youth and a bevy of corporate sponsors roll out the rainbow carpet in preparation for this year's Divers/Cité festival, a coalition of Montreal queers is putting forth a different vision of Pride. Running from July 25 to August 3, Pervers/Cité is a ten-day series of events addressing issues increasingly pushed to the margins by the mainstream gay agenda - and with a shameless radical bent.

"Someone just needs to come out and say it : Divers/Cité has lost its way. Each year it just becomes more and more corporate and less and less accountable to its roots in queer liberation," says organizing member Doreen Gray, "We wanted to put together a series that had not only parties, but also reintroed the politics into 'Pride' to actively engage people in a discussion about issues in our communities. You don't need corporate sponsors for that, and you don't need exorbitant entrance fees. "

Steven Gordon, a participant in last years events, is drawn by the free/pay-what-you-can principle underlying all of the events : "Eighty-five dollars for a party? I'm really not that kind of proud!"

Events kick-off with Faggity Ass Fridays' Gayrobics dance party, a fundraiser for the Sense Project, peer-led sex education, on Friday July 25th. Other events throughout the week include Imprisoned Pride, a panel discussing issues faced by queer and trans prisoners in Canada, An Historical Walking Tour of Bent Montreal, and a workshop on Queer & Trans Migrant Justice. On a lighter note, there's an outdoor film evening entitled Homotopia Under the Stars, a game of Capture the Fag, and More Drunk, Less Married, a queercore anti-marriage party. Pervers/Cité wraps up on Sunday August 3, with the inaugural edition of Queer Between the Covers, a bookfair featuring bookstores, publishers, and zine distros from across Eastern Canada.

Ste. Emilie Skillshare & Zine Distro
3942 Ste. Emilie (corner/coin St. Augustin)
Montreal, PQ
H4C 2A1
*Metro Place St. Henri*

(Ste. Emilie Skillshare is a working group of QPIRG Concordia/
Ste. Emilie est un groupe de travail de QPIRG Concordia

Sunday, July 20, 2008

VERDUN! Or, how the West was won.

Our reign of smut continues in south-western Montreal. Hello Verdun! Find the latest and greatest here:

Encor' Lire
4810 Wellington, corner of 3rd Ave. 514-767-2589
Closed on Mondays!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekly Video -- Salute to Ass #2!

Last week we appeteasered y'all with a lotta big talk about big butts. Well, this week it's all visual, my delicious babies. Watch some old-schoolers drool over high-waisted spandex shorts. Although I personally think they could've gone bigger with the dancers. WAY bigger.

Oh my God, Becky...

Scope out the booty like a big game hunter:

This just in: Men are dawwwwgs!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kangaroo porn!

We're considering "Beyond Human" as the theme of our next issue, and this video definitely fits the bill. Personally, I find it incredibly arousing.

swinging in the uk/is now therapy/ oioioi

from the times (uk):


"neither is it pretty watching Jamie tearfully apologise on his mobile to Sophie for the orgy he went to the previous evening and then, eyes still smeared with tears, explaining to Lowe that he is frightened that now he’s come this far, he may never be able to go back."


"Ryan now holds regular weekly sharing groups in London, where Lowe devotees can reveal their truths and, on occasion, if the mood feels right, get naked."


"Monogamy is one of those 'ludicrous, unnatural social conventions that stand between you and spiritual enlightenment.'"

oh. and i thought it was the media the whole time.

read the whole story at THE TIMES UK

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly Video -- Salute to Ass #1

During the steamiest, sweatiest, lie-around-the-house-in-your-underweariest month of the year, whose mind doesn't turn to their love of plump, juicy rumps? We begin our toast to the tuckus with a white-boy face-off. Which faux-straight rock anthem says it best?

Are you gonna let it all hang out?

But how can I leave this behind?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Montreal retailers to be stocked + Pomme-Pomme!

Hi guys,

Just a note that the retailers of Lickety Split will be receiving the latest issue, tomorrow, Friday the 11th of July. So if you've been keeping an eye out, you will be rewarded soon.

Also, don't miss the Pomme-Pomme Craft and Zine Fair this weekend, July 12th & 13th at La Sala Rossa (4848 St. Laurent). Doors open at 10am and it goes until 6pm each day. Issues #1-3 are currently sold out but we will be offering special prices for bundles of issues #4-6 this weekend only! So don't miss out.

All the best!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


There's no way to improve upon this saucy little slice of Americana, so just enjoy it in all of it's original uni-glory. Or aren't you man enough?

New blog feature: zine reviews!

Hey there,

Are you a maker/publisher/distributor of zines about sex, sexuality, gender, queerness or the like? Then send us your zines for review! Lickety Split is heavily invested in indie publishing solidarity and wants to build a wee community library of these particular types of zines. You can submit your zine for review by mailing them to:

Lickety Split
P.O. Box 1783, Station H
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 2N6

Spread the word! Also, if you have any suggestions for a name for such a library, please send those in to aATlicketysplitzineDOTcom


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lickety Split #6 available in NDG!

That's right! The west has won as the first part of town to receive The Lick.

Encore Books & Records
5670 Sherbrooke W.Montreal,
Quebec H4A 1W7

Co-op La Maison Verte
5785 Sherbrooke ouest (coin Melrose)
Montréal, QC. H4A 1X2
(Métro Vendôme, bus 105)

Weekly Quote: rock, sex and ladies

So, in the same attitude as K$'s Weekly Videos , we're gonna start up a weekly quotes section. You know, stuff you don't want to keep to yourself (as opposed to the stuff you want to keep private- see my post from last week). The excerpts are food for thought and not meant to express the opinion of Lickety Split. That said, as a member of the lady-fronted rock band Nightwood, I am interested in the following on a personal level:

"I remember seeing the Clash when I was eighteen and coming out of the show bouyant and huge, wanting to jump and lunge and keen at the moon and fuck until the sun came up. Feeling rich and strong and full of myself. A joy of loud driving chaotic music is part of me, part of my sexuality, and no one can theorize that away."

- Terri Sutton, "Women, Sex and Rock 'n' Roll", Puncture, summer 1989 + found in the book Rock She Wrote

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lickety Split #6: The Risk Issue! Get a copy!

Front cover
Silkscreened front cover!

Hey folks! The latest and greatest has arrived, so buy it on-line! Otherwise, check out the SHOP page on our website to locate a retailer near you. We'll be making the rounds and mailing out the goods to these ports of smutty hope all this month.

Lickety Split #6: The R I S K issue includes tons of daring new work exploring the chance-y, dark and playful with photos of sex in public and needle play, an essay on being queer in prison, profiles on Lamda Instanbul and Sharing Is Sexy, "Dangerous Ladies" pulp fiction pin-ups by Andrea Hausmann and lots more!

Featuring work by Sarah Beall, Nick Cabelli, Jeremy Edwards, Christina Foisy, Eric Hanson, Farah Kahn, Dayna McLeod, NOMRYN, Bill Puzstai, Omar Rahman, Nora Rohman, Ina Wood, The Prisoner Correspondance Project and Matt Jones, Neetzie, RoByn, Zo, triangles stuart, Noam and Earl, Jordan A with Mikiki and the Mystery Top, among many others. Our perrennial cover artist Sherwin Tjia (Slow Dance Night, The Hipless Boy, Pedigree Girls) has once again designed the cover art and Jesse Purcell printed them.

What they're saying about Lickety Split smut zine:
"Since appearing in 2004, Lickety Split has been dedicated to tenting your pants, wetting your undies and pressing a nerve." - Sacha Jackson, The Montreal Mirror

"It seems that every marginalized group wants its own version of pornography — punks, gays, lesbians, straight indie-rock chicks. But for those who want all of the above, there’s Lickety Split." - Amber Drea, Venus Zine

*** Please note that the adjusted price reflects higher production costs including a newly adopted environmentally-conscious printing values and paper, more colour pages than ever and increasing costs of everything else in this day and age. Thanks for your support and understanding!

Back cover!
Silkscreened back cover!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Weekly Video -- Put your hands all over our pages!

Madonna's 1992 video Erotica contains
fucking, whip-biting, licking the mirror, male stripping, naked bike and human rides, Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell and her tongue, Marilyn Monroe impersonations, men on leashes, a fisting sling, hammocks, a Vegas crucifixion, muff-diving, a ball gag, and anal presenting... basically everything you can expect at our launch party tomorrow night.

See you tomorrow, and don't forget your rope leotards!

Chatter: Public Transport Confidential

On Audio Smut yesterday I was chatting with my co-host Sarah about reading on the metro and city bus and about how I've been hiding my book covers lately. I feel kind of sheepish and almost like a bad sex-positive activist, as often the literature is related to sex in one way or another. But as much as I want to spread the good vibe and progressive titles to others, I'm becoming much more low-key and I've realized it's more of a need for privacy than anything else (as opposed to shame, embarrassment, or other feelings one might assume could be linked to reading about, say, sexuality in the school system or female ejaculation). It's a bit of change for me from the super-extroverted, missionary-like zeal I had a few years ago. Nowadays I'm all about addressing things in ways and moments that feel appropriate for me. So yeah. No one probably even cares about what I'm reading when I'm sitting on the bus, but just in case they might, I'd rather keep it to myself.

Just thought I'd share. Thoughts? Am I going soft?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Audio Smut radio this evening...xxx

Hi folks,

The lovely and talented Sarah Mangle (of Wet Nose Hero), our Audio Smut Radio co-host at-large will be rejoining the show this evening to present part of the interview that was conducted for the Anchor Archive Radio Show, which you may have listened to earlier last month. It featured an interview with Amber, the founder of Lickety Split as well as Sarah herself and it all focused "independent smut being made & distributed, the sex zine scene, ETC". Also on the show will be a representative of the Prisoner Correspondence Project and perhaps Mae Callen who is "an expert on the hanky cody and postal sex". (What is that?? Tune in to find out!!)

So... it's on between 6-7pm, 90.3FM on the dial in Montreal or www.ckut.ca to listen on-line or to download the archive.