Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lickety Split Kicks HIV in the Balls!

About a week ago, your trusty curators Amber and Kathleen joined the Montreal Anarchist Soccer crew to star in an educational video for Aids Community Care Montreal. In the spirit of plugging the current sex ed hole, ACCM is using the power of digital media to disseminate (ha!) information on HIV/AIDs in high schools across Montreal.

Despite the searing heat, twenty people showed up to play and "act". We formed two teams: the righteous white blood cells (those of us in white bandannas) and the evil yet ultimately victorious HIV virus-ers (in plaid bandannas, 'cuz plaid = bad). It was awesome, and I can tell you Amber's one fierce leukocyte!

All this to say two things:

1) The Lickety Ladies will soon be household names... or at least cafeteria names. I know what you're thinking: Finally, a way for Lickety Split to advertise to the under 18 crowd! (That was a joke, CSIS. Don't put us on your watch list.)

2) ACCM is awesome (as is soccer), and HIV/AIDS is a subject you can never know too much about. Check out what this fine organization is up to at http://www.accmontreal.org/



Amber said...

Ha! Balls.
Nice title, lady friend.

alexmegelas said...

Sweet Soccer Action dudes! Anarchism rawks!