Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Kid on the Block!

Hey there, Lickety Split community!

I'm the new Associate Curator of this fine zine, so why don't I introduce myself?

My name's Kathleen and I'm originally from the chilly plains of Lennoxville. I'm just finishing a degree in Women's Studies at Concordia, with a double minor in Sexuality Studies and Fine Arts.

I have a few jobs, but the main one is editing and co-writing a 300-page behemoth of a sex ed training manual for 14/15 year-old peer educators. And if there's one thing making this manual in my 20s has taught me, it's that EVERYONE can use more sex ed! So expect to see a lot of updates on this topic...

Arts-wise, a lot of my work is sexually explicit. In 2005 I made a male pin-up calendar, and more recently I showed an audio piece on male masturbation and two video shorts about my childhood sexual hijinx at the Daughters of Joy soirée (now on tour!). Right now I'm working on an illustrated book about open relationships.

So that's enough of that! I hope to keep you randy with rants, reviews and other rare specimens.


PS -- I'm 12 in that photo, by the way. Better sense of style now, I hope.

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