Friday, July 20, 2007


See left: That’s me, aka Sean P., the guy you may not know as the wizard-at-odds behind the Lickety Split site.

Even if I’m not yet an object of idolatry or ire in your universe of one, I’ll get my fifteen minutes because from now on, we’ll be seeing each other regularly. Well, really, you’ll be reading my words only occasionally. And I don’t really expect a heavy commitment but some fan/hatemail every now and again would be nice. You know, just to be sure that I’m stirring the shit—good, bad and whatever.

Some background: I’m a twenty-three year old male without a sense of humor. I hate taking walks and having picnics. Generally, I’m no fun to be around. On the other hand, the things I’m into include explicit art with a political bent, long conversations laced with criticism and getting intimate to the ear-destroying strains of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music played at full volume.

If any of the above seems off-putting, you needn’t worry. I’m reinventing myself just for you! (To be honest, I’ll never change. I’m leading you on. It’s a thing I do. Sorry.) So look forward to breathlessly optimistic, heartburstingly beautiful bloggage of wide-eyed wonderment on a whole range of super-smart smutty stuff.


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