Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to School Burlesque: A School Girl's Delight!

So, although I had mixed feelings about returning to the monotony/regularity/self-imposed guilt of school this last week, my desire for a good dose of “back to school burlesque” has never been stronger and I gladly clicked my heels down to Salon Officiel Thursday night to ogle what promised to be a feast for both eyes and spirit. Accompanied by the lovely Miss Lollipop, I lounged on red velvet seats and downed several surprisingly strong G&T’s, all the while eagerly anticipating my first glimpse of wayward flesh. You see, it was none other than the sexily sumptuous Miss Sugarpuss and Seska we awaited and as these ladies slowly maneuvered their way through the hefty crowd I could tell we were in for a treat.

Beginning with a comical number in which the ladies erkel-walked around the dime-sized stage to the sounds of the Beastie Boys’ “Girls,” it was laughter -- so intense you start to hiccup -- inducing Lucy Fur that stole the show. At one point her fake teeth actually flew onto my table, something I was later told had occurred because they were interfering with the feverish cunnilingus she was performing on her spread-eagled fingers.

Other highlights included Miss Sugarpuss’s lesbian school marm routine and the hot and horny little stage kitten’s continual teasing of the crowd. Dressed as a Britney-style school girl only with a lot more class—if one can imagine such a thing⎯she used a long wooden ruler and shiny red apple as her tools of titillation for most of the night. Finally, this little piece of jailbait ended the show with an impromtu chair dance which left everyone creaming for more.

Oh, and let’s not forget Seska’s frumpy school girl gone bad routine which was not only a pleasure to watch but also delivered an juicy tidbit of insider info. You see, much to everyone’s dismay (cough, cough) Seska lost a pastie during this particular performance and while she maintained the perfect twirl of her right tassle I later learned the possible cause of such a mishap. It seems an important part of preparing for a rip-roaring shimmy not only depends on the strength of your spirit gum but also on the pre-show prayer: May the clothes come off and the pasties stay on!

Be sure to catch Seska , Miss Sugarpuss and guests in the Sweet Dream Soiree this Saturday, September 15 at MainLine Theatre. Described to me by Miss Lollipop as a naughty musical in which “instead of breaking out into song the characters break out into burlesque,” it promises to be the heathen’s version of heaven sent.


Amber said...

Welcome Sarah! What a lovely and sexy introduction ; )


Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

Sweet -- can't wait for more sexy reports from our intrepid reporter in the field!

Topanga said...

Ouu, Sarah! Now you're leaving me "creaming for more" xx