Sunday, September 02, 2007

lickety split oddcast no. 2

so h.r. was having a big dance party blow-out on the main and all the warm guns were there with the lithe young things, twisting and grooving to the four-dollar snaps of cool beer; to the last muggy day of august the impenetrable yellow haze above darkened and heavy with moisture, long lost in the barometric frame work and she asked me to spin a little for some b-day goodvibes but clarky and twiggy aren't the sharing types and kick it up from staid old weezer right into the danceparty mere moments before my set in a taunt, a tease, a test or a throw down but for me it's no problem: i'm not the best but i'm the best in the room and rightaway it's kompact and cult chants and the idle shoulder dip explodes into the foot stomping hand clapping celebration of the church universal and triumphant incorporated maaaan i mean these main street cats will dance to anything but i'm rusty with the public and i dont know how to respond to requests for the arcade fire and h.r's sister is all up in my face in her toothpaste persona sqwaking about spinning already and the blood of a friend is the last person i'm going to tell where to smoke it, while clarky stares at his shoes and wonders what to do and where to go when you got the moves but you ain't got no soul but i'm no goldenhawk i don't need any extra saturday night friction so i pack it up and bike home forever in the rainstorm double soaked from sweat and sky and humming and smiling lost in a vision of my 11-dimensional self: gray eye permasmile and the hot fuzzy burning of giddy lips unleashed


side A: dancemixxx
side B: smart is sexy

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Amina Claudine Myers
Richard P. Feynman
Vincent Gallo
Etta James
The Knife
Laotian flute death rites (exert)
LCD Soundsystem
Ramsay Lewis
Charles Manson
Ennio Morricone
Gary Numan
Charlemagne Palestine & Tony Conrad (exert)
Paul Panhuysen and the Mexican Jumping Beans
Polmo Polpo
Soft Canyon

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Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

hey our colors match this week nick!