Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nostalgia Dept: Neighbours Against Porno

I was rummaging thru some old files & came across this 80's handout from Montreal's Parc Ave area near where I used to live. "Pornography makes sex dirty & ugly," it screams. Would you want it any other way? I wonder if this is the same group that got the Cinema L'Amour (on St-Laurent & Duluth) to finally take down the pair of cartoon spread legs that used to make up the "L" in their name on their XXX marquee? Around that period, anti-porn hysteria had reached a fever pitch in Montreal (in tandem w/most North American hubs) & I do remember exposés on TV about newly instated laws for the mandatory removal of "offensive" signs outside strip clubs & smut movie theatres. I blocked out the residential address on the handbill but they seemed to have been located around the Plateau. Who were they? And where are they now? Do they walk among us? "Getting rid of pornography takes time & money" it says, "if you have either, or both, send cheque or money order to..." Gee, don't we even get a "pretty please" with that? I'd love to know how much they raked in. And wouldn't it be fun to try to pull the same stunt today just to see what the reaction and/or cash-flow (if any) would be as a barometer of current temperaments? "Local residents feel embarrassed walking down the street"! (Note: if the image is too small to read go to this URL where it's posted:

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