Thursday, September 27, 2007

lickety split oddcast no. 4

Lickety Spliting Headache

When you wake up it is already dark and the world has a druggy bounce to it. Was it dark when you went to bed as well? You do not recall. Outside two men are smashing apart a small coffee table with big rubber mallets in the street, and the shows on TV don’t match those advertised in the guide. You’re happy to indulge yourself some more. You’re not even wearing socks.
In the darkness of the street only the traffic lights seems vivid and harsh. Everything else is flat. The people who pass are novelties, different animated characters in department store windows. Look at how their legs kick, so lifelike!
It is perhaps seven hours into your day before you speak aloud, and when you do no one is there to hear it. It is still exciting to do bad things in public places, and so you go out to do just that. But you’re only a rebel for a moment; and for most of the time you’re still dull ole regular you. Walking back home, you party alone until you are dizzy and go back to sleep. It is still dark. Or is it dark again?
Your lifestyle has made you very open-minded: everything bores you.

Lickety Split Oddcast no. 4

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R. Buckminster Fuller
Tim Hecker
Skip Spence
The Vague Angels
The Unicorns


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