Monday, June 16, 2008

HEALTH: Summer lovin' happened so fast...

Hey folks,

So it's warm, it's sexy and the longest day of the year is this weekend (i.e. the Summer Solstice this Saturday, pagans!). So you might want to get yourself tested for STIs. Here are some places you can check out:

Head & Hands: A youth-friendly drop-in clinic open Tuesday and Thursday evenings. No clinics this June, but they restart July 3rd. You have to show up before 5pm and be between the ages of 12-25. The address is 5833 Sherbrooke St. W, 514-481-0277. Not wheelchair accessible (yet!)

Clinique l'Actuel: 1001 Maisonneuve E. #1130, 514-524-1001. Wheelchair accessible. Please ask about fees. They take out-of-province health cards.

Clinique l'Alternative
: 2034 St-Hubert, 514-281-9848. STI screenings, abortions, vasectomies, gynelogical services. Not wheelchair accessible.

Clinique des Jeunes: For people under 18 years of age. 514-934-0354. 1801 Maisonneuve W. 4th floor. Free morning after pill. Call for more info!

Also you can always call the CLSC-run 8-1-1 for any health-related questions or for referrals.

OK, be safe and stay cool in the heat! Safe sex is good sex. Use condoms, dental dams and gloves! Check out this site for safe sex info and tips:

Check out more health related posts later this week!


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