Saturday, June 28, 2008

SQUARE QUOTES: Pansexual Digressions & Nocturnal Omissions

Holy moly, two audio treats in 24 hours, just for you! Listen to these suckas on yr iPod, with your OhMyBod, or on your computer while you pack for your move (if you're in MTL- Canada Day, July 1st, is actually Moving Day) or while you clean the house after last nights key party.

Episode 5: Pansexual Digressions & Nocturnal Omissions
Check out this fun podcast episode where I (Amber) am interviewed about Lickety Split and the upcoming issue, The Risk Issue and the July 4th. Check it:

"With a turnaround time that would daunt most college radio stations, but is par for the course in the big leagues with major players like Radio Congo, we came up with episode 5. A majestic palace of sophistry, loving communication, and dialogue. Our guests this week were Ken Vandermark, the acclaimed saxophonist whose name you might recognize from Powerhouse Sound and The Flying Luttenbachers; Amber Goodwyn, the publisher of Canada’s, nay North America’s best smut zine, Lickety Split; and finally, the beloved Claude Bernier, logistics master and jack of all trades with the Suoni per il Popolo festival, who came in to the studio to chat us up, and deliver exclusive Suoni sounds recorded over the course of the festival from Vic Chestnutt and The Sun Ra Arkestra, live at Sala Rossa.

This Episode’s Songs…

Leon Ware Rockin’ You Eternally, The Velvelettes Je Veux Crier (My Foolish Heart Keeps Hanging on a Memory), Di Melo A vida seus métodos diz calma, The Sun Ra Arkestra Excerpt (Live at Sala Rossa), Vic Chestnutt Excerpt (Live at Sala Rossa), Marcia Hines You Gotta Let Go, Sadina I Want That Boy"

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