Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sex(y) Owies

Go out and get some already! Seriously, though, this post was inspired by the lovely Lola Lamb, one of Montreal's latest and greatest burly-q darlings. Recently, she revealed to me that there was a time when she was doing so many glamour shoots and strip shows that her eyelids became swollen from the application and removal of a few too many sets of Marilyn-style eyelashes. How fatally sexy is that? Reminds me of when I announced "My vagina is sore from too much sex" at an organizational meeting for the Vagina Monologues. You know, they thought it would be a good idea to go around the table and talk about how our vaginas were feeling (!?), and boy I am telling you, the envious glares I got after that little utterance were none too pretty.

Yes, it is nice from time to time to relish in the sexy smugness that can only come from a tell-tale little mark that lets everyone around us know just how desirous and desired we are. Sometimes they act as reminders or souvenirs--as in the time when my highschool boyfriend left a hickey on my breast that lasted the whole duration of his three week trip to Italy. Other times they can send a congratulatory ripple of relief through one's social circle as in when your friends know you've finally gotten laid from viewing a few burst blood vessels on your neck. And, I'm not just talking about hickeys here, either. Occasionally, there's a smidge of pleasure to be had from knowing you're so naughty that sometimes it might have to hurt just a little.

P.S. I know you know, but: STIs do not count as sexy injuries. Please don't fumble your condom or dental dam and end up with an un-sex(y) owie.

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