Saturday, June 28, 2008

lickety split oddcast no. 7!!!

lickety split in yr ears


special reminder: lickety split #6 THE RISK ISSUE launch is NEXT FRIDAY JULY 4 a la sala ros(s)a. there will be bands and a dance performance and board games and all sortsa fun stuff like that

besides the four neat-o bands, and the dead doll dancers, and the strip poker, and seven minutes in heaven (where? in the sala coat check? i heard martin rev puked in there once, it may be a lucky spot!) and yrs truely DJing, well, when will you have time to read yr copy of l/s? (answer: "later")

i'm a bad sideway caller, hype is not my bag. check out the facescape infos here and chat me up during the launch: i'll either be secluded in the DJ booth or smoking hope in the alleyway.

meanwhile, the oddcast!

or right-clicky-downloady at

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