Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lick it, Chomsky!

Because we were all dying to know what Noam Chomsky's opinion on pornography was...

I get that he was sort of cornered into talking about this, but I still gots 3 major problems with what he's saying and the distance he's saying it from:

1st degree of separation: He's completely ill-informed and out of touch with the mainstream porn industry and oblivious to the existence of independent porn. It obviously makes him squeamish, so he avoids it entirely. Your opinions are widely respected, Noam -- it's fuckin' irresponsible to spout off on something without doing your research. Way to be an activist.

2nd degree: He's pseudo-feministing through the whole interview, yet clearly hasn't checked in with any sort of academic work on women's relationship to porn since 1980. You're disrespecting the work of other academics by completely ignoring their perspectives. And who are these other academics? Mainly women and people who have actually worked in the porn industry. Way to be a feminist.

3rd degree: His bullshit analogies all over the place. They're cheap, intellectually lazy, and they diminish other important issues like child labor. Way to be a thinker.


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:( said...

i'm shocked.
you nailed it:
he's bullshitting.