Friday, September 19, 2008

"Weasels Ripped My Flesh!" -- An epic pin-up

Ah, the torture porn of yesteryear. Behold the cover of Man's Life's 1956 summer issue.

First of all, I want a subscription to this insane magazine. Secondably... I'm intrigued by the issues men were faced with back then: ferocious water-weasels (obviously), tenacious water-sharks (less obvious), persuasively adulterous women and of course "sin-happy vacationists!"

Clearly this was a more primal era, where a man's sensible office job was his only bastion against the swarming hordes of sex-crazed hedonists and furious nature that made up his leisure time.

Fight those urges, man! Squeeze that weasel dry!

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Amber said...

Oh my GAW, that's funny! Can't stop giggling. : )