Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lickety split in yr ears

no. 8 side B
"the beyond human" oddcast


it's here!

or like CLICK to LISTEN

featuring: "the bloop" on loop (which is either a giant eel (like, skyscraper-sized eel) or alien submarine,) queen, vangelis, les momies de palerme, terry riley, mr. tim hecker.

extra special thanks to amber, for bringing the bloop into my life. now: we shall never part. the bloop and i.

meditate upon the bloop:
oh, how i am so small and warm. and knowable. i am a brief thing. unlike the bloop.

NB: deadline for submissions for the BEYOND HUMAN issue of l/s is totally on the 21st of THIS MONTH. (also on that night, i am DJing at casa)
also i need to meet some VOICE ACTORS and PUPPETEERS for something ssstrange. please get in contact w/ me at nick@licketysplitzine.com yes Yes YES


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