Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekly Quote: Marianne Faithfull

“Ever since my days at the convent my secret heroes had been decadents, aesthetes, doomed Romantics, mad bohemians, and opium eaters… I was very fascinated by all this stuff. Forbidden books, forbidden pleasures… I had always fantasized about delicious depravities. Like a heroine in a gothic novel, I wanted to be seized by terrible and voluptuous emotions. I wanted to know why it was forbidden.” - Marianne Faithfull

More quotes about Marianne Faithfull found on the blog The Desertshore....

STEPHEN DAVIS: “Marianne thought Mick was narcissistic, manipulative, and as tight as two coats of paint. She radiated a blue-eyed innocence that belied her fierce intelligence and passionate appetites. Bob Dylan was said to be in love with her, like so may men drawn to her charismatic orbit, but his amorous advances had been rebuffed.”

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