Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Launch Party Antics #1: Meet COULEES

Yessss!! So the first in a series of band introductions here on the blog. All three bands that are playing at the launch are interviewed in the upcoming issue by one Mr. Nick Cabelli, Lickety Lad- so watch out for that too! Please get to know these bands so that you may responsibly take part in some consensual party-ness on Nov. 21st.

Coulees are:

Emily(guitar, vocal)
Mitz(guitar, vocal)

"Coulees were originally formed in early spring, 2006, by Emily and Mitz in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. After several shows, they moved to Montreal, Quebec. Mitz met Conor at a show. Even though they didn't understand each others' accents, after a few fake smiles and noddings of misunderstanding, Conor and Mitz became friends and Conor was recruited as a Coulees' drummer."

This lovely trio rocks hard and lovely and we're glad to have them take part in our lovely launch.

Check out their myspace page!

Watch them rawk out at the Fixture Records showcase at Pop Montreal this past October!

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