Sunday, November 16, 2008

Launch Party Antics #2: Meet NIGHTWOOD

Yessss!! So this is the SECOND in a series of band and launch collaborator introductions here on the blog. All three bands that are playing at the launch are interviewed in the upcoming issue by one Mr. Nick Cabelli, Lickety Lad- so watch out for that too! Please get to know these bands so that you may responsibly take part in some consensual party-ness on Nov. 21st.

Nightwood are:
Erin Ross - guitar, vocals
Amber Goodwyn - guitar, vocals
Famous Eric - drums

“There are forests and darkness. In these places lie a bewilderment of pathless-ness and blindness, and soft ground cover that cushions footsteps. Within this, we are compelled to make our small sound, to salute nocturnal emissions and to dispel the un-navigable and create sonic opportunities, or, A Way Out.” - NW

Listen to Nightwood here.
Watch their music videos here.
PS: This is Amber (the publisher's) band. Also, Kathleen KR and Sarah B. star in The Bikeriders music video. Ch-ch-check them out.

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