Thursday, November 06, 2008

Weekly Quote: Look Pretty and Desirable AT ALL TIMES

Kate Beckinsale on home life:

"I don't like to walk around wearing no make-up with my hair rolled on top of my head on my days off. I think my husband would be a bit bummed out if I did. It's nice to feel like you're wooing the other person a bit, as once it degenerates into wearing yesterday's sweatpants and farting on the sofa, you lose a bit of the spice. You've got to keep up the seduction phase - it's fun."


I find myself reacting to this in three ways:

- OK, each to their own. No judgement passing here!
- Interesting! Prioritizing being kinky is kind neat!

But mostly:

- Fuck off! Fuck this perpetual "seduction phase"! Fuck having to be clean, cute and fuckable at all times!

Pictured above: Kate NOT FARTING on a couch.
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Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

It feels like the bit in bold might be a veiled hint to her husband. Or else she's creating a radical new stereotype? Women -- always in their sweats, farting all over the place!

Amber said...

I identify with this new stereotype. Super strongly.

Black Heart Magazine said...

While I must agree with Kate that sitting around and farting on the couch is a definite turn-off (particularly if you're taking it to the level of contests), I think having to always look pretty and "ready to go" is utter bullshit and wouldn't take directions from such a terrible actress, anyways!

Nikki said...

pssst- kate-

farting on the sofa IS the spice.