Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Launch Party Antics #3: Meet PARLOVR

Yessss!! So this is the THIRD in a series of band and launch collaborator introductions here on the blog. All three bands that are playing at the launch are interviewed in the upcoming issue by one Mr. Nick Cabelli, Lickety Lad- so watch out for that too! Please get to know these bands so that you may responsibly take part in some consensual party-ness on Nov. 21st.

Festooned Hand Mirror (Guitar, Vocals)
Tin Smoke Box (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals)
Red Oak Frame (Drums)

Louis Jackson
Alex Cooper
Jeremy MacCuish

Some hype-y and totally worthy press quotes:
"This local trio of self-professed "sloppy" rockers carve out a kind of pop art brut, a beautiful mess of raw (but never ridiculous) emotion and rough (but never unintelligible) textures, with bold, tender melodies standing tall from end to end." - Lorraine Carpenter, Montreal Mirror

"Inspired by the best of 90s shoegazer and 80s angular post-punk, Parlovr have crafted a memorable debut of indie rock tunes that cherry-picks the best elements from multiple rock genres and synthesizes them into a package that sports clear pop sensibilities." - Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine (Toronto)

Listen to 'em here.
Photo of PARLOVR at the Lickety Split #5 launch party:

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Nikki said...

you had me at "sloppy".