Monday, March 23, 2009

Cool Reads

Check out these proudly Canadian articles to titillate the sexy tip of your brain:

First off, Hal Niedzviecki, founder of Broken Pencil Magazine, ponders the question "Why are ordinary women exposing themselves online?" Focusing primarily on married, middle-class couples, he looks into the popularity of sites such as voyeurweb and, I think, bears witness to the fact that voyeurism, exhibitionism and sexy images are a huge part of human sexual expression, especially now.

The Walrus » Hal Niedzviecki on Internet Porn Addiction

Then, Alison Lee of Good for Her, discusses "The New Face of Porn" in This Magazine. Giving a great overview of the conflicted history of feminist scholarship around pornography, she talks about the new stakes feminists have in porn and how we can get our hands on smut that's hot, hardcore and stamped with a big approving F.

Happy sex geeking!

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