Monday, March 02, 2009

Hypersexualization of Youth

Wanna feed your head some ideas around this issue? Check out the KickAction blog this week:

""Hypersexualization," Pop Culture & Media

The fourth and final week of the blogging carnival is kicking off on kickaction, so come by to check out what our six guest bloggers have to say about pop culture, media, and that thing some people call ‘hypersexualization.’

For more information about the blogging carnival or to read the blogs, check out

Monday, Mar 2 : Geneviève Morand, a youth facilitator at Maison des Jeunes Bordeaux-Cartierville and editor in chief of Authentik magazine.

Tuesday, March 3: Anoushka Ratnarajah, co-coordinator of V-Day UBC

Wednesday, March 4: Tanya Déry-Obin & Jessica Grosman, contributors to Authentik magazine & organizers of Back-Off!: Lets Reappropriate Our Bodies & Back Off 2!, Dissident Representations in Arts & Social Movements.

Thursday, March 5: Candis Steenbergen, professor in Girlhood Studies, writer, reader, thinker & mom.

Friday, March 6: Kristin Matte, student & blogger "

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