Monday, March 09, 2009

Go to Dumpster-Diving Heaven with the folks from Sharing is Sexy

If you haven't already, you should definitely check out J. Bird and Pennyroyal's latest radical smut shoot over at Sharing is Sexy.

Entitled, "Cunt Foraging: Reclaiming the Dumpsters," the story goes a little like this:

"Its been a long summer day in the city. The street lights glow a soft orange in the alley at midnight and illuminate the sweat on their skin. As J Bird rolls up, Pennyroyal’s face is lit up by her head lamp, showing her inviting gesture for J Bird to join her. J Bird is enticed by her desires to get down in the dumpster. Inside the dumpster their passion for cunt foraging grows. A dirty exploration of a trash fetish and each others sexy bodies."

Yowza. These folks are awesome!

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revphil said...

damn that is some hot bike porn!

in case anyone was confused by the lack of linkage:

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