Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We Won!!!

Well, of course everyone won, really. But, in terms of walking away with prizes and making empowering speeches on stage, we definitely won! Go team Lickety Split! Go Collective! Go round of beers on Amber! (Thanks, Lady).

While I don't have any personal photos from the event, I feel this photo from Neko Case's new album perfectly represents how we all looked and felt throughout the evening.

Yeah, that's right. Fierce. Especially, K$. Holy sh** that woman is smoking hottttt. Brains, talent and beauty, we've got it all at Lickety Split.

I'm going to celebrate by diving into that new Neko Case-it drops today!-and reading my new copy of Nailbiter: An Anxiety Zine. Good times.


Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

Ha! Glad to know my horrible gassy bloatedness wasn't picked up on! By the time we got up on stage I wanted to rip all my clothes off and fart all over everyone...

Amber said...