Monday, August 04, 2008

Broken Pencil review of #5 - The Multiples Issue!

Hi folks,

Just received the latest and greatest issue of Broken Pencil magazine and there was a bunch of cool stuff inside, including a review of Lickety Split! This issue of BP is the 'Summer How-To' edition (with a great drawn version of the BP logo, please keep it that way!!) and I was thrilled to read articles by and about a bunch of worthy folks, including an article by Serah-Marie McMahon of Worn Fashion Journal, Amy Johnson of Wooden Apples, Laura Roberts of Black Heart Magazine, Sarah Evans of Anchor Archive and Billy Mavreas of himself!

Anyway, onto the review. We haven't updated the review section of the site in a while so I thought I'd share on the blog. Here's an excerpt:

"Most absorbing is the zine's ability to transform the obscene into sexy chic; while models unabashedly shed their layers for the camera or use every adjective to describe a certain sexual encounter, there's an undeniable innocence in every description. It's like the handful of words you read on a postcard sent to Post Secret: some just have the power to steal your breath, move you to tears, or toss you into fits of laughter. If you want to explore a lifestyle where gender or activity pose no sexual boundary, or simply read beautiful prose by people who do, grab this zine. It's a class act in smut if there ever was one". - (Amy Greenwood)

Thank you!!!!!

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