Monday, August 04, 2008

Write us a dirty e-mail and win stuff!

We don't get to see enough of each other. We're here and you're over there, too far away and out of reach. The distance is cold. My dear reader, let's get hot. We wanna see more of you all over this blog! We want you to sit on our blog face. So we're holding a contest!

Write us a "Penthouse Letter"-style e-mail, factual or fictional, and we will post the best up on this blog. Please avoid using names, as they might implicate a (not so) innocent third (or fourth, or fifth...) party. The letters can be as long as you want them to be. Please send your submission to aATlicketysplitzineDOTcom by Tuesday August the 12th with the subject heading "Lickety Split Penthouse E-mail Contest".

The winner will have their letter posted on the blog for all to see on Thursday, August 14th and will receive two tickets to the Indie Montreal showcase featuring the bands White Room + Trevor James & The Perfect Gentleman + Nightwood PLUS a copy of the latest issue of Lickety Split. We won't lie: Nightwood is our favorite band of all time because Amber (Lickety Split's editor/publisher) is part of it. The show will be happening next Thursday August 14th at 8:30pm at Jupiter Room (3874 St. Laurent, near Duluth), in Montreal.

Second and third place contenders will also have their dirty minds aired on the blog on Thursday. Let the furious typing while masturbating begin!

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