Monday, August 25, 2008

Nude Dudes first bake sale fundraiser

Hey! We were on St-Laurent yesterday with a bunch of hot men selling treats -- did ya see us?

Here we are!

Amby trying to raise some scratch so we can print this fine deck.

A sample of what you can buy from us this Saturday at McGill's Radical Frosh!

Mike and Alex, providing a taste of the deck's forthcoming delights...

JC, Kai & Alex looking like good boys gone bad.

Kai went so wild he scared the children and sold all the cupcakes. Alexandra was scandalized.

Jill was more "Been there, wanked that."

We ended the evening BBQ-ing with safesolvent(TM) on the roof of a certain Montreal record store. Behold: Nick Cabelli says what was on everyone's mind.

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