Monday, August 18, 2008

olympic village = massive sexual debauchery


"There are many young, strong, single people, in the Athletes' Village," [Olympic condom guru] declared before Beijing. "And, like everywhere, some will fall in love - or other things."

Staff prefers to put it elliptically. "It is a pretty amazing place, full of people who really look after their bodies..."

Married to Malia and the father of twins, he is speaking with some distance on the situation, but has amusing memories of the Manchester Commonwealth Games. "I remember going into the English HQ and there were literally huge bowls of condoms everywhere. My mate said: 'Dude, this is going to be amazing!'."

The Athletes' Village condom allocation for Beijing was 100,000, and though they have yet to call for fresh supplies, we are only at the start of week two. In Sydney the initial batch of 70,000 was gone about now, and another 20,000 were on emergency order. And frankly, it's not the athletes' job to fight science.

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Amber said...

oh sweet jesus.

nick cabelli said...

yeah, i knew about all this olympic sex before. we should have sent l/s copies to canada house at the village. big l/s presence in vancouver 2010, yah?