Friday, August 29, 2008

lickety split in your ears

no. 8 side A

"there are known knowns, and known unknowns. but there are also unknown unknowns."

do it analog at
or like CLICK to LISTEN (in yr ears)
or hit it the INDYISH way (they're awesome)
what else, what else... do you have the "facebook?"

oddcast #8 side A

featurin'(in order of appearance)

philip glass, donald rumsfeld, gestures from kubrick's “Full Metal Jacket,” mr. john cale & mr. dan gibson, frank black francis (real identity: charles michael kittridge thompson the fourth,) melvins, noam chomsky, portishead, scott amendola band (feat. carla bozulich) doin' dylan

[ALSO: i am busy building sexy robot costumes and designing erotic shadow puppets (honestly.) if these activities sound like fun to you and you would like to help out/collaborate, please do drop me a note at, yes?]

next time: the more-human-than-human all electro oddcast!

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