Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why we do what we do in the age of the internet

"no one needs a smut zine when we have access to unlimited free porn on the internet" - anonymous person on a message board

Just in case you're unfamiliar with Lickety Split and would like a refresher on WHY we do this, here you go:

Lickety Split is a niche publication catering a particular community of people and we don't pretend to try to compete with mainstream porn in any form. We are definitely a zine and as such we endeavor to create something relevant to our own experiences and interests in a collect-able format that resists the commodified and disposable representations of sex and sexuality.

We still work with/have ties to other types of porn/smut and consume it ourselves along with more independent porn. We don't exist in a vacuum. We just enjoy making our own stuff.

Lickety Split is a pansexual smut zine dedicated to encouraging sex-positive expression and thought. The zine promotes collaborative art making and encourages diverse contributions to climb into bed with one another, because one sexual expression just does not satisfy. Lickety Split wants to help make the masses cum with smutty photography and art, essays and stories in order to fulfill the whole human being and address the complexity of sex.


Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

For that matter, why read a book when there are so many blogs to get through? Why hang out with friends in the park when you could be poking them on Facebook? I commend this anonymous truth-speaker for being brave enough to share their all-too marginalised views!

revphil said...


Behold the over saturation and thus desensitization of all things erotic. Soon we may find that blank, lifeless stare on more and more people as the availability of what i call "lowest common denominator porn" (most anything mainstream) become available to everyone at anytime.

It will take bold yet patient pioneers to bring positive sexuality to the pron-washed wastelands.

Tally forth!